you know how sometimes you want to listen to music

but everything you listen to is just supremely unsatisfying

even if its songs you usually love; they are just so unappealing

and you have no idea what you actually want to listen to 

g-erti juliagoesrawerr
lupitanews spoopycylonbarnes
neckkdxep grinned


close as strangers is the sequel to wherever you are

smashirwin thegirltomato
fallontonight perks-of-being-chinese


do you ever type a sentence beginning with a capital letter and then go back and change it to a lower case one like ‘woah there, gotta be casual’

heisenerd the-socially-awkward-writer
falloutkels juliagoesrawerr
lookdifferentmtv the-socially-awkward-writer
notalkingplz juliagoesrawerr

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